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What kind of solar lights are popular with customers?

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Sresky has been focusing on independent research and development and independent production of solar street lights since 2005. Sresky has won the praise of suppliers and distributors all over the world with its advanced technology and excellent quality. And cooperate with many governments around the world.

Sresky has oversized solar panels and solar panels that automatically clean dust, improve charging efficiency, and make the lighting time up to 7-10 days. It is very suitable for areas with more wind, sand, rain and snow. There is also an innovatively designed explosion-proof glass body for the solar lamp, which is very suitable for extreme weather and is durable and resistant to falling.

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Solar landscape lights have always been Sresky’s best-selling lighting category. There are retro designs, modern designs, UFO designs and other unique patented designs, which are favoured by many governments. It plays a decorative role while lighting, and the scientific light distribution and environmental protection do not hurt the eyes. The beautiful and highly recognizable appearance is unique in the market, and the differentiated functional design of Sresky greatly enhances the sales competitiveness.

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There is also a split solar multi-function light design with an adjustable solar panel, which can be placed in a sunny place to adjust the angle and fully improve the charging efficiency. The compact body can be carried anywhere, can be mounted on the wall or placed on the desktop, or can be placed anywhere when camping. Small size but high brightness, more convenient and environmentally friendly. Loved by customers and dealers.

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