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How to Choose the Right Commercial Solar Parking Lot Lights for Your Business

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What is solar lighting system?

Simply put, parking lot lighting systems collect solar energy to power the lighting. Solar panels collect solar energy during the day and store it on batteries, which power the light fixture when the sun goes down.

The sresky solar light fixtures has three basic components.

  • High efficiency Led luminaire
  • Solar panel
  • Lithium battery
  • controller

Our commercial solar lighting system includes also light poles, light sensors, and enclosures designed to reduce light pollution (dark sky), as well as control lighting electronic programming devices.

beat Solar Parking Lot Lights

Parking Area

How to Choose the Right Solar Parking Lot Light for Your Business

When it comes to choosing solar parking lot lighting for your business, there are several things to consider. The right solar lighting system can help you save energy and money, while providing a safe environment for your employees and customers.

First, consider the size of your parking lot. You need to determine how many lights you need to adequately cover the area. If you have a large parking lot, you may want to invest in more powerful lights to provide better lighting. If this is too much trouble for you, you can send the plans directly to the salesman at sresky and we will provide you with a complete package of overall parking lot specifications.

Second, be sure to use Led lights. This is the key to saving electricity cost, Led lamps and lanterns efficient conversion efficiency, long life and high brightness lighting can be a good cost savings.

Third, the function selection. Security sensing function, Intelligent sensor function, Pir motion sensor function, light color temperature, etc. Specific functions can consult sresky sales, will do configuration with your use of the local geographic location and site needs.

Best Parking lot lighting project and product recommendation

Automatic cleaning function square light SSL-72~SSL-76

sresky solar STREET light SSL 72 32, beat Solar Parking Lot Lights

An automatic cleaning function can be an incredibly useful feature to have in a solar powered parking lot light. This function allows the light to run more efficiently and stay cleaner for longer, providing a much brighter light source for improved visibility. This prevents dirt and debris from blocking the lens and causing dimming or reduced illumination over time. Not only does this help keep the parking lot illuminated, but it also helps reduce energy consumption since a dirt-free lamp will remain brighter for longer.

All in one integarated design solar parking lot light

All in one integarated design solar parking lot light

Parking lot and road lighting in Oran Stadium Project, Algeria. Best solar parking lot light

The all-in-one design parking lot light is a highly advanced lighting fixture that provides excellent illumination for outdoor parking lots.

Integrated aluminum frame Solar Parking Lot Lights

Best solar parking lot light ssl 92 58

The all-in-one design solar power parking lot light is a highly advanced and remarkably thin lighting fixture that provides excellent illumination for outdoor parking lots. Its explosion proof glass housing provides superior protection against potential hazards, ensuring the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles alike. This fixture is designed to be incredibly strong and durable so that it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions without risk of damage or malfunction.

Commercial Solar parking lot lights with motion sensors

Commercial solar lights with motion sensors

Commercial  solar lights

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Color temperature selection

Solar LED lights with a color temperature of 5000K or higher provide bright, clear white illumination for outdoor lighting applications such as parking lots. Offering an enhanced Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating of 75 or more ensures that drivers and pedestrians can easily distinguish their surroundings in the darkest conditions; this visibility allows them to identify any potential hazards quickly, reducing instances of collisions significantly.

How many lumens do you need for solar parking lot lights?

The light levels maximum illumination is 16000 / 20000 lumens and should cover 4-5 feet.

What size pole does a slip fit mount go over?

a slip fit mount is designed to go over a tenon which is a round 2.38 inch(2 3/8″) circular pole. The can fit from 2 to 2.38inch tubes. This is a lighting industry standard size.

Best solar parking lot lights PIR induction function selection

PIR sensors are a reliable, efficient and secure way to light up car parks with minimal use of energy or battery life. Rather than remain lit at all times, these motion-activated solutions only kick in when activity is detected – be it vehicular traffic or human presence – making them an ideal deterrent for potential criminals lurking around dark parking lots.

When selecting a PIR induction system, numerous considerations must be taken into account – from the range of capabilities and detection pattern to temperature tolerance, power consumption level and installation requirements. Moreover, customizations such as adjusting sensitivity settings can help organizations tailor their systems for surveillance purposes or perimeter protection around buildings with ease. With unmatched flexibility and reliability compared to motion sensing technologies along with efficient lighting control solutions that conserve resources without wasting energy – these state-of-the art systems provide an ideal solution for any establishment’s needs.

Benefits of solar parking lot lights

Solar powered led parking lot lights offer a great range of benefits in comparison to traditional lighting systems. Installing these lights requires no wiring and thus eliminates the need for an electrician. This makes it possible to install them almost anywhere, including parks and other outdoor locations. Furthermore, solar powered lighting is also extremely affordable as it does not require any electricity bills.

Operating costs are also virtually nonexistent with solar powered parking lot lights as they require no maintenance or upkeep whatsoever. This means that once installed, owners can have peace of mind knowing that the lights will be working for years to come without having to worry about unexpected repair or replacement costs. Plus, installing these lights is a great way to be a leader in sustainability and help protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions associated with regular electricity usage.

In addition to all these advantages, another bonus of using solar powered parking lot lights is their energy efficiency. These lights require only small amounts of energy due to the fact that they absorb and store the sun’s rays during the day when it is most abundant and then use this stored energy at night while dimming automatically when not needed. This helps save on electricity consumption compared to traditional lighting systems which operate constantly regardless of whether they are needed or not.

Finally, one major benefit that comes with using solar powered parking lot lights is their convenience factor; they’re easy to install, require no complicated wiring setup and don’t generate any pollution or harm the environment in any way whatsoever when operating properly. For individuals and businesses looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for their outside lighting needs look no further than solar powered parking lot lights!

Sresky service

Our after – sales engineers and sales are stationed around the world, can give you timely technical support. Our solar solutions will be customized to your geographic location and distribution pattern.

With the help of the best solar street light manufacturer, you can be sure to find a system that is perfect for your business. With their extensive catalog, you can choose from different styles and designs to find the one that best suits your business’s aesthetic. Additionally, many manufacturers offer customization options so you can find a solution that is tailored to your specific needs. You can also be confident that the products you purchase from these manufacturers are of the highest quality and reliability, so you can be sure that they will meet all of your needs while helping reduce energy costs over time. The design and scheme of solar parking lights offer many features such as automatic cleaning.

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